Toastmasters – Ice Breaker

Joining of Toastmasters International was a long outstanding task, which finally have been started. Finally i have joined Dubai Internet City Toastmasters Club, and started as per Competent Communicator manual. i did my first speech “Ice Breaker” with the theme of introducing myself. this is the first step of the journey which was pending from […]

Oracle Technical Professionals Journey from EBS to Cloud Applications

In this article we will be reviewing career options for Oracle Technical consultant, in our earlier post Career Choices for oracle technical consultant in cloud applications era, we have reviewed primarily what Technical consultant should do in cloud era. in this we will co-relate with the Oracle e-business suite. Pre-EBS R12 Period: Oracle Application Tech […]

Oracle HCM Cloud Configuring Approval Workflow

Oracle HCM Cloud Approval management is based on human workflow to automate tasks from one user or an application to another user for actions. Fusion HCM Workflows are routed in a predefined sequence to achieve an end result based on the initial configuration of the human workflow. broadly approval management falls under 3 points: 1-Controls […]

How to Enjoy your life and job

How to Enjoy your life and job

A review of the last book I bought, How to Enjoy your life and job by Dale Carnegie, some of the key points of this book are: Seven Ways to Peace and Happiness Find Yourself, Be Yourself Practice Four Good Working Habits Know What Makes You Tired and What You Can Do About It Banish […]


Why you should define your fears instead of your goals, a new TedTalk from Tim Ferriss , very good talk and practical steps how to Conquering Fear = Defining Fear in 3 steps. What if I…..? (divide into 3 columns as per below) -Define-    -Prevent-  -Repair- 1                     1                 1 2                     2                 2 3                     3                 3 […]

Book: Will It Fly – How to Test your next business idea

Will It Fly How to test your next business idea so you don’t waste your time and money book written by Pat Flynn, During few months back my cousin based in Lahore, Pakistan was planning to start a business and he had a detailed discussion with me how to do a market research and his […]


Social Selling

Social Selling Book – A New Perspective

Most recent my read is book on #SocialSelling by Tim Hughes & Matt Reynolds title “Social Selling Techniques to influence buyers and change makers” Overall book is okay, it gives basic ideas and thought process behind Social Selling, a new way of sales process with the current social media influenced world. authors talks about how […]