Why you should define your fears instead of your goals, a new TedTalk from Tim Ferriss , very good talk and practical steps how to Conquering Fear = Defining Fear in 3 steps. What if I…..? (divide into 3 columns as per below) -Define-    -Prevent-  -Repair- 1                     1                 1 2                     2                 2 3                     3                 3 […]


Book: Will It Fly – How to Test your next business idea

Will It Fly How to test your next business idea so you don’t waste your time and money book written by Pat Flynn, During few months back my cousin based in Lahore, Pakistan was planning to start a business and he had a detailed discussion with me how to do a market research and his […]

Social Selling Book – A New Perspective

Most recent my read is book on #SocialSelling by Tim Hughes & Matt Reynolds title “Social Selling Techniques to influence buyers and change makers” Overall book is okay, it gives basic ideas and thought process behind Social Selling, a new way of sales process with the current social media influenced world. authors talks about how […]

Social Selling

How to start a Presentation?

I was listening few videos on tips how to start a presentation. and following are the key or top methods to start presentation. With the question that is important to audience Start with the fact, shock the audience A Bold Statement Imagine something BUT the most recommended method is in these 4 words….. Start with […]

Journey to cloud

10 Ways to Win and Influence Tough Users During Journey to Cloud Applications

In this session we will be discussing how to Win and Influence Tough Users During Journey to Cloud Applications. As we are moving on-premise enterprise applications to cloud and within the organization we are running digital transformation projects to cope with the latest trends and business requirement. The major impact is how to manage change management during […]

Facebook Developer Conference F8 and Augmented Reality

Facebook Developer Conference knows as F8 is the main conference of Facebook held on April 18-19, 2017. Keynote of Mark Zuckerberg is posted on the conference portal. It is good to listen his thoughts and future roadmap on the facebook, social media. Lot of stuff presented during the conference on family of applications and services – […]

The story behind Marshmallow Challenge – Design Thinking

In Marshmallow Challenge the task is to use 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string and one marshmallow to build the tallest free-standing structure with marshmallow at the top in eighteen minutes with group of people (ideally team of 4 persons). This idea presented by Tom Wujec in Ted talks, […]

Learn About Oracle Chatbots

Chatbot, a computer program to communicate with human being through text or conversation is coming. The definition of Chatbot as per Wikipedia, in this post, i have got very good chatbot Learn About Oracle Chatbotsoverview on Oracle Chatbots, by Oracle VP of Product Management and Mobile Strategy Suhas Uliyar and Cognizant Sr. Analyst Kevin Benedict discuss four key components of chatbot development and how bots can use mobility platforms. In the discussion, they also touch on customer sentiment analysis, APIs, user personalization, natural language processing, and AI/neural networks.

Enjoy listing this very informative talk.

Social Selling

5-Bullet Weekend

I am going to start weekly 5 bullet update on different things what I am doing, what is reading, watching, listening, etc. it will give some accountability to keep focusing on learning and sharing #SocialLearning. This is inspired from Tim Feriss Here is weekly dose of “5-Bullet Weekend” a list of what I am enjoying […]