Toastmasters – Ice Breaker

Joining of Toastmasters International was a long outstanding task, which finally have been started. Finally i have joined Dubai Internet City Toastmasters Club, and started as per Competent Communicator manual. i did my first speech “Ice Breaker” with the theme of introducing myself. this is the first step of the journey which was pending from last 1860 days.

this was also my opening statement of the ice breaker speech. “It took me 1860 days to stand here…” i was introduced to Toastmasters in year 2012 and at time i was not able to make a decision to join but now i am passionate and want to complete different available tracks of learning.

Recommended approaches for Opening of the speech:

  1. Ask an open-ended Question
  2. Start with a Story
  3. A Bold Statement
  4. Imagine Something
  5. A Quote or a Fact

and i have started my Ice Breaker speech withe the “Story”, received a good feedback.

I want to leave call to action for all of you………….go, find out local Toastmasters club and join it will really play a great role in your professional development.

Structure of your Ice Breaker speech

  • Opening (chose any approach from above 5)
  • short your intro
  • Story
  • Personal
  • Closing